Sunday, March 4, 2012


finally! I got into the discipline I really wanted :) CERAMICS:) 

The first week we got the brief for the project based on problem based on learning. The problem is: to explore the breath of ceramics in 2012 a suggested by the term pot, vessel, object. At first it sounds complicated, but it started interesting as we got our group together. Me, Marina, Aoife and Shelby...
first we gave everyone task in group :
Monika- scribe
Marina- chairperson
Aoife- reporter
Shelby- reporter

All together we done brainstorming. We gathered all the information about ceramics on big sheet of paper, and then we shared between us, who has to research about what.. I ve done research about methods, and history. I also researched information about an artist, who is suppose to come up to college for a demonstration, Christy Keeney.
some of his works: 

The project went very well. on Friday we presented our work to group.. I have to say it was a nerve wrecking for me, I really do not feel comfortable talking in front of public.. but I hope  this is one of the skills I have to learn in Art college.

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