Monday, January 30, 2012

FasHiOn !i!

So today we started FASHION elective. I must say I am very excited.  On friday we got the briefs for two weeks project.
We got the five word groupings options, to choose our theme from:
  • Volume/ bulky/ blunt
  • Spire/ strength/ Structural
  • Flimsy/ Ethereal/ Fuzzy
  • Regime/ Uniformity/ Restrictive
  • Liquid/ Runny/ Wobbly
So I decided to choose LIQUID/ RUNNY/ WOBBLY.
I brainstorm all the options in my sketchbook.. and started doing research. I came out with microscopic photos of animal eyes. It inspired me a lot.  

There is a close-up shot of a Tokay Gecko.
Their eyes remind me of old-fashioned keyholes. 
                                                                                                                                 Huskey dog

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painting :D

Finally we finished the movement and motion project, and now we are moving to the disciplines..
I choose painting, fashion and ceramics. I am not sure if I made right choices, but we will see after all disciplines I am going to do.

As a first discipline I've got to do painting. 
I got into the group with Shelby as our tutors advised it will be more fun:D me and Shelby done research about artists and build  installation.
It was weird to do it because we had no clue how to start it.. and finding the materials.. hmm was very interesting.
We used rubbish bags and different type colour threads. We set the installation in the corner  which gave us nice shadows, and the light from the windows made it work even better.

Then we started doing a blind drawings of the installation.. unfortunately  I don't have any photos of it but il put them in the next post.

We also done tonal studies.. which was hard at the start, but with time I kind of got into it :) 
that was the first one...

This one was done with cardboard..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Again I started experimenting with breaking things.. as it was going great for me, this time i decided to break the mirror.  As a result it worked out great.

I wanted to reflect the photos I took under microscope, so I used wool and paper. Simply, I cut out from the paper circles and with wool I tried to make the shapes of the lines in dragonfly wings.
I repeat the process few times.. after all I overlapped the circles and stitched them together, In results I wanted show movement of the wings..:P 

I printed on the see through paper the microscope photos. I stock normal photos into my sketchbook and then I overlapped on them the see through photos, which gave me very interesting look.  

Microscope camera :D

I borrowed the microscope camera from College. I took a lot of interesting photos of  dragonfly

MaNiPuLaTiNg FaBRiC .

I got of my tutour very interesting book called The Art of  Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff. I got some material and started playing around. I used the new to me method called Stuffed Quilting. It wa pretty hard especially if i have no machine and this whole stitching is new to me, but with time I got used of it. I had to use two layers of material. I drawed an outline of the shapes I wanted to stitch. Then i started stitchin.. i stuffed while stitching..

After the practise I started to draw a shape of dragonfly. It was bigger and more complicated. To stitch everything I used Mohair wool, to give nice smooth and soft look.

I found very interesting artist named Michelle Litvin. Woman is experimenting with knitting. Her Mindscrims draw the viewer into a fascination with fabric. From their materials to their resulting forms, they play with softnes in fibres, embedded with a toughness in their metallic core. From a storytelling angle, this contrast of soft and though is an enduring yarn in itself.
I looked close into the dragonfly wing structure, it is very delicate and soft, the lines look very fragile. I decided to get very thin mohair wool and knit.

I got a timber board and I painted it white. The knitted pieces a stretched and with nails I applied to the board. The result was quite nice but the blue wool did not look natural, so I am going to try experiment again, with brown colour of  the wool.

The second time I stretched the knitted wool, i painted board on beige colour.
I really like the effect of mohair wool because it is giving softness to it. The only thing which was interuptting my work were the nails, they looked pretty heavy and did not suit..  

The third time on the board i stretched cotton material and then i stitched on it my knitted piece. nothing disturbed my work anymore.

more experiments

I started more experiments with cracking paint, glass also i got a flat slab of clay and after it dried i' ve studied broken lines.

I liked a lot braking the glass and sticking it onto acetate.. 

I also Experimented with cracking paint.