Monday, January 30, 2012

FasHiOn !i!

So today we started FASHION elective. I must say I am very excited.  On friday we got the briefs for two weeks project.
We got the five word groupings options, to choose our theme from:
  • Volume/ bulky/ blunt
  • Spire/ strength/ Structural
  • Flimsy/ Ethereal/ Fuzzy
  • Regime/ Uniformity/ Restrictive
  • Liquid/ Runny/ Wobbly
So I decided to choose LIQUID/ RUNNY/ WOBBLY.
I brainstorm all the options in my sketchbook.. and started doing research. I came out with microscopic photos of animal eyes. It inspired me a lot.  

There is a close-up shot of a Tokay Gecko.
Their eyes remind me of old-fashioned keyholes. 
                                                                                                                                 Huskey dog

Huskey dog, the right eye


Tiger python


But my favourite on was a GIRAFFE eye

The analytical drawings

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