Sunday, January 8, 2012

I found very interesting artist named Michelle Litvin. Woman is experimenting with knitting. Her Mindscrims draw the viewer into a fascination with fabric. From their materials to their resulting forms, they play with softnes in fibres, embedded with a toughness in their metallic core. From a storytelling angle, this contrast of soft and though is an enduring yarn in itself.
I looked close into the dragonfly wing structure, it is very delicate and soft, the lines look very fragile. I decided to get very thin mohair wool and knit.

I got a timber board and I painted it white. The knitted pieces a stretched and with nails I applied to the board. The result was quite nice but the blue wool did not look natural, so I am going to try experiment again, with brown colour of  the wool.

The second time I stretched the knitted wool, i painted board on beige colour.
I really like the effect of mohair wool because it is giving softness to it. The only thing which was interuptting my work were the nails, they looked pretty heavy and did not suit..  

The third time on the board i stretched cotton material and then i stitched on it my knitted piece. nothing disturbed my work anymore.

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