Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painting :D

Finally we finished the movement and motion project, and now we are moving to the disciplines..
I choose painting, fashion and ceramics. I am not sure if I made right choices, but we will see after all disciplines I am going to do.

As a first discipline I've got to do painting. 
I got into the group with Shelby as our tutors advised it will be more fun:D me and Shelby done research about artists and build  installation.
It was weird to do it because we had no clue how to start it.. and finding the materials.. hmm was very interesting.
We used rubbish bags and different type colour threads. We set the installation in the corner  which gave us nice shadows, and the light from the windows made it work even better.

Then we started doing a blind drawings of the installation.. unfortunately  I don't have any photos of it but il put them in the next post.

We also done tonal studies.. which was hard at the start, but with time I kind of got into it :) 
that was the first one...

This one was done with cardboard..

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