Saturday, May 5, 2012

Magic and spells.....

I have decided to use for my project the story of 'children of Lir'. I just think it is going to be more interesting, I am not Irish and I am going to get to know part of Irish culture. As i said in my last post, I went to take a photos of swans.. have to say they are so great looking, but also very cranky!! when i started taking pics, they got very confident and actually started fallowing me! i got some fright.. haha funny thing is, that in the water they are amazing but when they walk on the look fair weird :D  so here is few photos:

I found out the types of swans like :
> whooper
> trumpeter
> tundra
> black-necked
> black
> berwick
> corsoba
> whistling
> mute

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