Monday, May 14, 2012

Making the pieces! :)

Finally real fun began. There  is a few designs i made for my tea pots, and cups :)
I choose the one i thought is going to be perfect for the project. The pot with handle as a swan neck, and little wings from the both sides, the tea cups are going to have a little wing on one side, and small handle but without swan head. There is going to be 4 teapots which are going to represent children of the Lir, The tea pot is going o represent the fragility and beauty of the swans, as it reminds the swan the most. I am also going to make four little plates, for under the cups.  All project is going to be white or creamy, I want to keep it as delicate as it is possible.

I looked for the swan tea sets in the internet, and there is two of  the most inspiring for me, unfortunately the artist is unknown.

I started my teapot, from pinch pot  making methods, I made a two bowls, and the joined them together, by using slip. To make a handle i rolled a bit of clay and made a swans head. I put it together same way like the bowls, with use of slip.. although i had secure the handle to not collapse. I cut out the circle on the top of the ball to make a space for lid. To make a spout i used a special round tool, which kind of reminded a stick, a rolled the clay and then fitted on the tool. when it dried up a little bit, i took out the tool. i cut out the hole for the spout and then i put it all together. I have to say the effects are very nice:D

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