Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making the tea cups and a plates..


This is harder than i thought... I started with cup.. Firstly I started with a coil building method. but it did not work so well. I wanted my cups to be delicate, and the surface very even. I started again:) I rolled the clay
cut out a 4 circle shapes for the base of the mugs, then I cut out 4 rectangular shapes, long enough to fit with the base.. i also cut out 4 very skinny rectangular  to make handles and then with a slip i put them together. after all from very rolled, very skinny slabs of clay i made the wings.


I had to practice to cut equal shape circles. so i cut out 4 small (for the base) and big circles. I cross hatched them one side of small and big circles, it has to be the one I want to join. I used slip.

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